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How To Organize Your Jewelry Like A Pro

As a wardrobe stylist, you amass quite a large stock of things.  Things you might expect like clothing, shoes, and accessories.  And other things like the collection of variously colored tape measures that I’m not sure why I own or how I collected so many that they have their own bin.  Either way, it’s super important that it all stays organized so that you can actually use it when you need it and it’s easy to grab and take to shoots.  I’ve always used muslin hangers for organizing belts and mens ties, but just …

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7 All Natural Remedies for The Common Cold

I know we are all about our 2016 resolutions these days, but my BIG resolution for the end of 2015 was just to make it through Christmas without a major illness in the house.  All around us friends were coming down with awful stomach bugs left and right and there was just way too much going on last month for that!  I’m happy to say we succeeded in that goal, but last week I woke up one morning to itchy eyes and a runny nose and knew right away that Parker had been kind enough to share her playground cold with me.  (We will have to …

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Everything You Need to Know About January Blooms

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love beautiful flowers?  There’s an obvious reason that they’re appropriate for all occasions– they brighten a space and a day, so you really just can’t go wrong.  While I’m no stranger to the LA flower mart and have been known to repeatedly make impulse floral purchases while walking into many a Trader Joes, I’m not super well-versed in their names, season or how much they cost.  Back in December I attended a wreath making workshop (see my results here! ) …

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The Year of The Home Workout + New Playlist

2014 was the year I had a baby.  2015 was the year I had a toddler, got back into running, got into (and out of) a small group workout, did some pop physique classes, but ultimately nothing consistently.  So, without further ado or more class passes, I am hereby dubbing 2016 the year of the home workout.  My friend Dawn turned me onto this yoga site and if you haven’t spent much time searching YouTube for home workouts I would highly recommend it.  (Even if just for a laugh because some of them are ridiculous.  Like this workout …

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