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Cool Hunting // Framed Art with Serious California Vibes

It’s been almost a decade since I packed up my silver Mazda 3 and hopped on the I-10 headed for the best west coast for what I thought would be a year long adventure.  I’m not totally sure how I ended up here for 10 years, but I have a feeling it has a little something to do with the endless summer, swaying palms and the laid back California cool lifestyle that permeates everything from interiors and restaurant menus to the clothes hanging in your closet.  It was this same feeling that inspired the aesthetic for this bedroom …

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DIY // Watercolor Menus for Your Next Dinner Party

Well, today is a very exciting day friends.  I’m headed to Austin with Parker this morning to speak at a conference over the weekend and attend my best friend’s baby shower, which are both verrrrrry exciting to me, but not why today is all together exciting for all of us.  No, today is all together exciting for all of us because it’s the day we launch the first of a few new contributor series!  2015 was a great year!  We were able to work on a ton of fun projects, meet new internet friends in real life, and tripled our …

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Beauty Tutorial // All Natural Products for Every Day

Did you know that 70% of everything applied to your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream within 28 seconds?! I have this wonderful friend who is always teaching me things like this and blowing my mind.  We are really different in a lot of ways– she’s not on social media, like at all, and, hello, it’s kind of my job.  In that way, though, I think we stretch each other.  She is always introducing me to some new idea or study and turning me on to new things.  We were having coffee around this time last year and she …

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Real Talk with Real Moms // Working

I’m so glad to be continuing our Real Talk with Real Moms series today!  We reluctantly decided to take a break in November and December due to holiday craziness, but I have been really looking forward to reading everyone’s posts on this subject in particular.  I’m not sure there is another topic more poignant in motherhood than working and childcare.  Just about all kids will outgrow sleep problems and feeding them will become a totally mindless act in the majority of cases, but choosing whether or not to have a career …

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