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What To Listen To Now // February Femme Playlist

We’ve already established that Galentine’s Day > Valentine’s Day and that happy hour girl’s night is actually good for our health, but I have a special appreciation for our only male contributor bringing such a heavy does of femininity to this month’s playlist.  Thanks, Matt!  You’re the best!  What’s your idea of a great time with your girlfriends?  Wine and the indian octopus at Little Beast for dinner or a morning of coffee and pastries at Joan’s on 3rd in Studio City are at the top of …

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Petite Eats // Salt + Vinegar Kale Chips

Nine years ago when I first moved to LA, I couldn’t have even told you what kale was.  I ate a salad on rare occasion and was just evolving out of what I like to call my tex-mex phase. (The more queso, the merrier!)  Over the last near decade, though, I have embraced a much healthier lifestyle which includes yoga, hiking, sunday pilgrimages to the farmers market and, yes, it also includes kale!  Eating healthy while I was pregnant was a huge priority to me and since Parker has begun eating solids, it’s been a huge priority to …

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DIY // Floral Pins for Your Best Gals

Flowers make the best gifts, don’t they? They’re a site for sore eyes and an instant happiness boost (that has to be scientifically proven, somewhere right?!)  They’re not, however, cheap.  Those fluffy hydrangeas and delicate garden roses come with a pretty price tag, so instead of an over-the-top bouquet, we made these sweet floral pins that pair perfectly with one of these chic Minted classroom cards that you can share with a dozen of your besties without breaking the bank! Attach them to your jacket or wear them in …

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Before + After || Front Porch Makeover

I hope you that you knew it was only a matter of time before there was another room makeover reveal here! Ever since we updated our kitchen, I have been totally addicted to re-imagining the way certain spaces in our house could look.  After we completed our bathroom this summer, I started thinking of what the next project would be.  I wanted something that wouldn’t cost a lot, but would make a big impact.  Did you know that the best return on your home renovation investment is the front door?  I was shocked!  I thought surely it …

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