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Love Notes || Advice from Our Favorite Married Gals

Do you believe in fate? Soul mates?  Aaron and I met at work– even though I always said that I would never date anyone I worked with!–but I kind of think that even if I hadn’t taken that job or if he had moved to another city instead of staying in LA and coming to work for Ellen, we still would have met at some point.  One day, after we were already married, we were driving down the 405 and passed a Best Buy right off of the highway.  I told him that two days after I moved to LA, my dad and I went to Best Buy to buy a TV …

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Real Talk with Real Moms // Relationships

Last week Parker and I drove down to Newport Beach to spend some quality time with one of my favorite friends. Parker was busying herself with sand castle building and seagull chasing and my friend Emily and I were discussing Emily’s life trajectory and what life looks like after having kids. She asked if there was a part of me that was nervous about having kids because Aaron and I would lose a little bit of our relationship. I paused for a minute before answering. As I had immediately expected, though, there had never been that …

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What Balance Looks Like For Me Right Now

Balance. Up until the last couple of years it was a simple, benign word that as of late seems to have become quite the hot topic. There is a school of people that believe to try to invoke balance is an unattainable attempt at having it all; that it’s impossible. They’re quite vocal, too! I don’t subscribe to that school of thought, though. Not for one minute. There are moments when my life has felt very balanced and others where the scale has felt precisely positioned to one particular side while the other hung loftily in …

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DIY // Hand Stamped Key Chain

Need an original Valentine for your sweetie? Give them the keys to your heart–along with a cheeky leather key chain hand stamped by yours truly!  Today’s DIY comes to us from Lindsey McCord of Lindsey Crafter— a truly talented prop stylist and maker! (Who just so happens to be up for the Mrs. Meyers Maker award– vote for her here!)  Gifts that meet at the intersection of handmade and totally useful happen to be among my favorite types of gifts, so I am extra excited for this one!  Take it away, Lindsey! I had …

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