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What To Read Now || Winter

While whatever semblance of winter Los Angeles may have had this year is most definitely gone (and I’m not complaining), Aaron’s recent travels through Milwaukee, Detroit, and Toronto can attest that winter is still alive and well in some places.  This post was originally scheduled for friday, but then we thought it our civic duty to give you enough time to prime these literary gems in case you happen to find yourself snuggling up inside this weekend.  Our resident book guru and writer, Gail Werner, is back today with six books …

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Cool Hunting || Sailor Pants

With the past few weeks of temps in the 80s, I can’t tell you how many times I have reached for a pair of proper pants in my closet that weren’t skinny or even a flare.  I’m talking a structure, high waist, with flowy legs for days!  Are you with me?!  I think it’s this spring’s perfect pant and I think we all deserve one.  We owe it to our poor calves that have been sausaged into skinny jeans for far too long.  (But, I mean don’t get any ideas calves.  You will still be expected to wear a slim leg …

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Petite Eats || Homemade Herb Crackers

Hi, friends!  Deepika here!  Thank you for having me back and for the overwhelming response to our first post!  I’m so grateful you liked it.  I hope you enjoy today’s recipe just as much!  As parents, we are constantly in search of food that is nutritious as well as flavorful for our children. I remember when I tasted my baby’s jar food and store bought baby snacks, I promised myself I would never buy those for her again. The best part was even she didn’t like them, which made my job much easier.  I used to give her …

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My Style // Favorite Places in LA with WiFi

Happy Monday, friends!  I’m home from Palm Springs and feeling so fresh after 36 hours off the grid exploring the best of mid-century, catching up with friends, and spending some time writing by the pool.  I was reminded while working from my balcony with this view how much I love getting out of the office.  Sometimes a fresh perspective changes everything!  I know there is a huge self-employed culture here in LA, so I thought I would share my 5 favorite places to work from when I need to get out of the office.  If you live here, …

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