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Mini Easter Style + An Epic Kids Table

I have always loved hosting the holidays, but, as Parker gets older, I’m finding myself looking forward to them even more!  My memories of Easter in Austin are all very fond– egg hunting on my aunt’s lawn with all of my cousins, a honey baked ham that seemed to never end, and plenty of chocolate for even the biggest sweet tooth!  Growing up, though, I couldn’t wait to graduate to the adult table.  My entertaining goal in life is to make the kids table so much fun that the grown ups find themselves looking over with …

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The Best of Maternity Dresses

This post should probably begin with the disclaimer that, no, I am not currently in need of one of these stylish dresses.  This is not a not-so-subtle way of announcing baby number two, but rather a response to my growing number of friends who are currently growing babies in their bellies.  Suffice it to say that I have not enough fingers to count them all at this moment!  As we slowly ease into these warmer months, maternity dressing could not be more simple– stock up on a few key dresses that you love and accessorize them in your …

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DIY || Rose Quartz Ring

Consider this little project our ode to spring, the colors of the year, and super simple DIYs that anyone can do!  It’s so easy and yet I never think to make my own jewelry, so I’m really glad Maritza is stopping by today to show us how to get started as a beginner.  If you want to up the ante on this project, consider swapping out the glue for metal wire and playing with the band materials.  There are literally endless options for this one so have fun and give yourself the freedom to be creative.  Take it away, Maritza! When …

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My Style || The Impractical Practical Bag

Happy Monday, friends!  We are starting the week off with a bang and a big shoot day at my place today.  They’re always crazy hectic, but still my favorite days of all.  For 70% of my working life, it’s just me, my computer, and I, so I live for the other 30% when our team is together and getting to make all of the visions in our head come to life!  A couple of weekends ago when I was in Palm Springs, I was chatting with a few friends when the subject of bags came up.  Someone complimented someone’s Chloe cross …

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