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It’s Time for Another Vote || Our House Exterior

This house building thing has been such a process, I tell you, but I’m so glad we finally have more to share!  With a renovation like our LA house, there are so may constraints based on the existing architecture, the neighborhood and of course the budget.  When you’re starting from scratch, the options are somewhat limitless (except for budget of course), which can be super fun, but also like that dreaded open-ended writing prompt in your high school english class that left you wondering where to even begin!  (You can see our …

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A Texas Holiday Barbecue

(Today, we’ve partnered with Huhtamaki Inc. for the Chinet® brand to create this post! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it!) Here in the south, things are done a little differently.  People tend to move at a refreshingly slower pace.  They value big open spaces more than most.  There’s also a lack of pretension around hosting that feels almost therapeutic.  It’s fun to create and style beautiful tabletops, but I hope that those beautifully styled images would never keep someone from hosting …

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5 Minute Hairstyles || Half Up

After nearly 5 years of rocking a short bob hairstyle (proof here!), we made a huge life transition this summer with our move to Austin and I suddenly became so preoccupied with a million other things, that I unintentionally grew out my hair.  Oops!  Except not oops, because I actually love it.  I love being able to pull it up so easily, I love being able to add waves to it with out the fear of burning myself, and I love being able to wear it in a bunch of different ways.  Ever since Martha Lynn (of Mirror, Mirror salon) showed me this …

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My Style || The Basic Button Up

I learned something from my very first styling job that has stayed with me ever since, and even influenced my own personal style. When it comes to style, there’s something to be said for knowing what you like and what works for you and going for it.  You can re-invent the wheel in terms of updating the silhouette with current trends, the fabric, the details, but when it works, it just works.  Take a button up shirt, for example: I’ve worn one here in the summer, here for a super casual look, here for a super femme Valentines …

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