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What To Listen To Now || April

It’s no secret that Palm Springs is near and dear to me. (See this post.) However, rather than moving to the beat in the desert for Coachella this weekend, Parker and I are holding down the fort in Austin.  I’m here for a job and possibly some house shopping (see this post), but will no doubt be listening to this playlist from our favorite music supervisor and trying not to get too much FOMO looking at everyone’s Coachella pictures on Instagram.  On another note, did you see the line up for Outside Lands?!  Might have …

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DIY || Mother’s Day Gift Tags

I’ve always prided myself on being whatever the opposite of a hoarder is– or as my husband likes to say, cold-hearted and unsentimental.  (JK… kind of.)  It’s just that I’ve never been one to keep a lot of arbitrary things for sentimental reasons because it just ends up piling up somewhere and looking like clutter to me.  Then came Parker.  She wraps her chubby little two year old hand around a blue crayon, drags it across an 8″ x 11.5″ sheet of paper and suddenly it’s a masterpiece in my …

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10 Ways to Wear Culottes

It’s Monday, y’all.  While I can’t do anything about that little fact, I can provide you with some cool wardrobe inspiration to help get you dressed this week.  Did you know that the culotte is the Lena Dunham of pants?  It was developed during the victorian era so that women could ride horses without having to sit side saddle in their skirts, and was later adopted for activities like bike riding and gardening.  They gave the appearance of a skirt, but were actually still pants, because god forbid any woman look like she …

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Austin Update || House Hunting

I can’t even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was by all of your encouraging comments on this post— whether here, on instagram, or facebook.  It feels amazing that our big secret is now out of the bag and I loved hearing from so many Austinites about your favorite neighborhoods and restaurants around town.  As the number of days we have left in LA diminishes, though, our to-do list continues to grow at a rapid pace, with our top priority being our living situation.  Fortunately we do have family there that we can stay with …

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