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One Piece, Two Ways || Printed Silk Tank

Last week I had one of the best lunches of my entire life… not exaggerating.  The food was delicious and the cocktails on point (both from Local Kitchen), but what really set it over the top was the company.  I’m not really big on going away parties, but my friends Eden and Catherine offered to host a sweet send off and I couldn’t say no. Last Tuesday I found myself surrounded by a small group of smart, savvy, talented and beautiful women (which you can see here) and just felt beyond grateful.  Can I tell you what I loved …

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What to Read Now || Summer

I met a woman the other day while waiting to get my car washed who was reading a book I hadn’t yet seen and when I asked her about it she said it was for her book club.  She was in her early sixties and went on to say that she had been a part of this same book club for over 30 years!  Some members had come and gone, but the core group has mostly stayed the same for over three decades.  Can you imagine?!  Have you ever been a part of a book club?  I can’t get this woman off of my mind and I’ve been thinking maybe this …

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Cocktail Hour || Berry Mezcal Cooler

When it comes to a little imbibing, I know we’re all prone to reaching for our favorite bottle of wine.  That being said, nothing elevates the tone of a party like a well crafted cocktail.  You’re bound to score mad hostess points!  After our last shoot, Kara and I were playing with ingredients she had on hand in her kitchen and stumbled upon this cocktail creation– one of those verrrrry happy accidents, ya know?  It’s mostly raspberries, mint, cucumber and mezcal, but keep reading for the full recipe.  It pairs …

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Lunch with Nate Berkus + His New Collection

The countdown to Austin is on and feels like it’s ticking down at rapid speed (just over three weeks?!).  We closed on our house in LA last week and have had some exciting movement on our Austin house plans which I’ll share in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime there is literally zero I can do in the way of house projects, DIYs or before and afters.  ZERO.  We are renting back our place from the new owners until we move and I am plotting and planning everything I want to do in our new Austin space, including fill it …

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