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The Beauty of Trying New Things || Pure Pilates

Is there an opposite of a ‘creature of habit’?  Whatever that thing is, I am.  (I’m a 7 on the enneagram if any of you know what that is!)  Aaron, on the other hand, is a classic creature of habit.  He can think of a habit and form it so effortlessly that it’s as if there was never a time where that habit wasn’t a part of his life.  He is content finding a great restaurant with nice people and good food and ordering the same thing for months on end. (There was a phase where he ate salmon for two of three …

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Behind The Scenes of A Shoot Day

It’s so hard to believe that it’s been six months since we packed up our LA bungalow and headed to Texas. Most of you already know that we are living in Georgetown with my parents right now while we build our house in Austin. It’s a 40 minute drive from downtown Austin, but feels worlds different than when we were working from LA or even from our Austin studio that we shoot at a lot. Last week we shot some organization posts for January at my parent’s place in Georgetown and some cocktail posts for holiday and were …

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3 Ingredient Cocktails || Peppermint White Russian

This time of year has me totally hopped up on Christmas cheer!  I’m not even sure which part is my favorite. The present wrapping? The cookie baking? The holiday music? Actually it’s probably the holiday cocktails that accompany all of this holiday celebrating!  In an attempt to keep things simple for you, we set out to create our perfect White Russian cocktail.  We experimented with so many things which you may have seen last week on our stories– coconut milk vs regular milk vs almond milk? coffee vs. coffee liqueur vs. …

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My Style || Black and White and Blush

Have you ever paid attention to how your style choices overflow into all of the different parts of your life?  There are similar, overlapping details in beauty packaging that I love and the Heath Ceramic coffee mugs I have been coveting.  Similarly, I will see a piece of art that I immediately gravitate towards and can see the resemblance in the details of it and a leather bag that I have been making heart eyes for.  I love the black and white color palette of this dress with the blush detail of the beanie– I feel like it softens …

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