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Real Talk With Real Moms || Co-Parenting

It’s so interesting to look back now, even with just a mere two years of perspective, on those first few months of parenthood. Parker was just a babe and I thought that the challenges of parenthood were certainly all wrapped up in ensuring she had just the right amount of milk at each feeding and was sleeping in decent stretches.  Now after tackling things like preschool and house shopping in neighborhoods based on the schools they’re zoned for and weighing the importance of things like diversity and student teacher ratios, …

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On The Road || Arrowhead Springs

One of the very, very best things about living in Los Angeles are the dozens of cool locales within day or weekend trip distance.  I’m no stranger to Palm Springs, have spent countless days in San Diego, and have done the trip up the coast to San Francisco a number of times.  So when Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water presented me with a chance to explore (by helicopter, no less!) one of their spring sources near San Bernardino, I was very intrigued!  Even though it’s just 90 minutes from downtown LA, I wasn’t at all …

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Recipes || Kale Pesto “Pasta”

Have you spiralized yet?  I have used it profusely for baked sweet potato fries (which are delicious), but have been dragging my feet on trying it for noodles.  The thing is, I love pasta– real delicious, hand made, fresh pasta– and I happen to be in the camp of people that don’t think it’s all that naughty when eaten in moderation.  So why mess with a good (great!) thing, you know?  Well, low and behold, if Kara, my friend and food stylist extraordinaire didn’t whip some up the other day.  The consensus? …

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10 Things You Can Do with Paint

You might recall that prior to us buying a house, there was almost zero home content on this site.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, but renovations aren’t cheap and neither is (most) furniture, so as long as we were living like nomads hopping from one apartment to the next, I didn’t see a reason to really commit and invest.  That all changed when we bought our first place, though.  We did small updates like the kitchen and big renovations like our bathroom and some rooms that just needed new furniture… …

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