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One Piece, Two Ways || Navy Swing Top

After this past weekend’s heatwave, there’s no denying it’s summer.  It’s true that you can lament the heat whilst beads of sweat form on your dewy skin, or you can grab an icy beverage and soak it in while it lasts.  Just like these longer days, this warm weather will be but a dream in a few months and we will be begging to have it back, so soak up that cancer-fighting, energy inducing vitamin D while you can.  In the meantime, ninety degree temperatures do force one to get creative with their existing wardrobe. …

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Parties || A Boho Chic Baby Shower

And just like that, it’s Monday again…!  I hope all of you had wonderful weekends.   Our moving truck finally arrived on Saturday, so we kicked off the weekend with some heavy lifting and organizing.  I know I owe you guys a proper house update, but the CliffsNotes version is that we bought a house in Austin that is very much not move in ready, so we are shacking up at my parent’s place in Georgetown until it’s complete.  More details to come, but I shared a sneak peek of the place on Snap if you want to check …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Education

It’s interesting that when I first sat down to write this post, the first thoughts conjured up by the word ‘education’ were pamphlets I’ve received from Mommy & Me classes and the discussion of different educational theories I have seen take place on Facebook.  I thought of desks and pencils and even SAT scores.  But then when I thought about Parker, and how her mind is absorbing things at two years old, I thought about how when Aaron gives her kisses she points to the stubbly part of his face and says, …

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Cool Hunting :: Frayed Jeans

The last five days have been a whirlwind since we hopped a plane with one-way tickets to Austin.  We are semi-living out of suitcases until the moving truck arrives with our furniture and I am getting dressed from my 37 piece summer capsule wardrobe that I strategically put together to keep from having to unpack boxes any time soon.  The current piece on repeat?  These frayed jeans that feel so perfectly vintage and pulled together at the same time. The consensus?  The frayed edge (also known as a raw edge) jean is 2016’s answer to …

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