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Parker’s Toddler Room ||Transitioning from the Crib

Something I’ve found interesting about motherhood is that the things that you never dream would be hard can turn out to be the most challenging and other things that you dread end up being ridiculously simple.  Transitioning Parker’s nursery to a toddler room and her crib to a big girl bed happened to be one of the things that fell into the latter category.  I’m not sure why I was so unjustifiably afraid of removing those trusty crib bars that kept my toddler confined through the night, but I drug my feet long after she …

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Breakfast Recipes || Lox Toast

I have to confess, that I am just now coming out of my sun-induced, barbecue-laden 4th of July fog.  We had a pretty crazy wonderful weekend out at the lake house with my family, water skiing, swimming off the dock, drinking wine and eating meats coming off of the smoker like it was our job.  Now that we’re back, I’m desperate for a kale salad, some overnight oats, some general healthy living.  What are you eating these days?  Back in LA a few weeks ago, I swung by my friend Kara’s kitchen and in true Kara fashion she …

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My Style || 4th of July with thredUP

Today marks our three-week anniversary of living in Austin and the question we keep getting is, “How are you guys adjusting?”.  The biggest adjustment has really been in the logistics, in figuring out what our new schedules look like with Parker in preschool and working in a new city.  The adjustment of lifestyle, though, feels like the easy part.  It feels like the part that was happening before we ever got here.  It was the part that influenced our decision to move here in the first place.  There was a shift that had …

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DIY || Pom Pom Garland

The handmade pom pom, might not be anything new, but there are so many ways you can use them.  We used it for this hanging art piece in Parker’s reading nook and as a prop in this post.  I actually have a whole bin of them in Parker’s room that we play with from time to time.  They’re such a great thing to have on hand to add some colorful and fun to a last minute event, so Sarah from Pollyanna Events is stopping by today to share the simplest method to make them below.  Have you used them before?  What are your …

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