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Happy Weekend || Fave Links

It would be cliche to talk about how happy I am for the weekend right?  Like who out there is not happy for the weekend?  So rather than stating the obvious, I will just wish you a super casual TGIF and leave you with some of our favorite links!  We doubled down on our anticipation of Friday night when we implemented a strict pizza and a movie Friday ritual when we moved to Austin two months ago.  Besides those all important plans, though, this is one of those rare mellow weekends that involves very little else. (Sometimes those are the …

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24 Hours in || Dallas

With Austin having had a major moment these last five years, I feel like Dallas is often thought of as her less exciting, more corporate big sister.  Meanwhile I kept hearing about cool new restaurants and eclectic new boutiques popping up there.  Seeing pictures of The Joule hotel was the final push I needed to plan a weekend trip, so in June we dropped Parker at her aunties’ house and drove 2.5 hours north to see what the buzz was all about! With a bustling art scene and new chefs moving in by the dozens, it turns out that Dallas …

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe || Toddler Girls

It’s about this time every summer that I find myself wishing away the days in the hope that fall will come sooner. (Which, of course, it doesn’t.)  This year will be different, though.  I decided that this morning when I cracked open my computer at 5:30am and found that it said August 1st.  This year I will spend August not complaining about the heat or planning my fall wardrobe additions, but rather drinking all of the rosé, wearing all of the midi skirts, and even enjoying that tingling feeling my skin gets when I first …

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Dining Al Fresco || Summer Recipe Remix + Video

There’s no better season for entertaining than summer!  The days are long allowing for plenty of time for friends to wine and dine around the table and the weather is warm making it ideal for some al fresco dining!  We teamed up with   to remix some of my favorite summertime recipes with their delicious line of olive oils.  One thing you may not know is that all olive oils aren’t created equal! Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and works great for cold dishes like salad dressings and side salads. The Bertolli® 100% …

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