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Real Style with Jocelyn Garrity

Growing up, I was somehow spared from the body issues that plague so many girls from a young age.  I had a mom that never really stressed what we looked like or what we ate, so I didn’t develop any sort of self-consciousness about my body until college, when for the first time I found myself not in organized sports and gained somewhere in the neighborhood of ten pounds.  Then I made my way through college and into the great wide world of wardrobe styling.  One thing any stylist can tell you is that there is no such thing as a woman …

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Cool Hunting || Oval Dining Table

I was listening to a podcast last week (Emily Weiss on Girl Boss Radio) and she said something that I immediately went and wrote down.  (Like with a real pen and real paper… okay, not real paper rather the back of an AT&T bill.) “Where ever you are at is a place to be proud of.”  Gosh, that really resonated with me.  I think so many times there’s always someone two steps ahead of us or some next step phase of our life or business that we haven’t yet been able to implement, so rather than celebrating what …

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One Piece, Two Ways || Denim Tank

The moral of the story of this denim tank is that it’s always a good idea to travel with friends who have really good taste and a larger bra size than you.  That, my friends, is how this denim tank and I ended up in one another’s company.  A couple of weeks ago Jaclyn and I happened into an H&M on Sunset Blvd, neither of us with the patience to try things on until we got to our hotel room and discovered most of them didn’t fit.  Jaclyn snagged this dreamy, very vintage looking denim tank from the sale rack for just …

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Happy Weekend || Home

A couple of weeks ago, I went back to Los Angeles for a couple of days for work.  It was the first time I had been back since we moved to Austin two and half months ago, after living in LA for 10 years, and let me tell you, it was such a mix of feelings.  When I first moved to LA right out of college, I planned to only be there for a year.  Then I made friends and got a job that I really loved, so I stayed longer.  Then I met my husband who also had friends and a job he really loved, so we stayed even longer than that.  When I first …

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