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DIY Halloween || Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume

This easy no effort Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume is perfect for toddlers and kids. A cheap and easy Halloween costume idea that requires no sewing. You can easily size this up for adults too! There’s no denying that some things are just less fun with toddlers, like staying up late on a Friday night when there’s a human alarm clock in the next room or sharing a hotel room with said toddler in another time zone.  Other things, though, like holidays, become infinitely more fun with a two year old on the scene like Halloween and …

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My Style || Linen Overalls

Like a lot of people right now, I’m waiting for the seasons to change. Not so much in an anxious way (okay, sometimes in an anxious way), but more out of curiosity.  I’ve spent the last ten years in the land of endless summer and am so interested to know what it will feel like when we step out the door en route for Parker’s school and feel the crispness in the air for the first time.   (I’ve also questioned my rational for buying very summery, linen overalls just before said season change, so I made sure to get them …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Diaper Bag Essentials

Did you know that negative or fearful moments imprint themselves on our brain almost immediately?  I think it must be some sort of survival mechanism or maybe something that is intended to keep us from repeating past mistakes.  On the other hand, our happiest, most joyful moments are likely to just slip right off of our brain like teflon.  Research shows that you have to thoughtfully take in a positive, happy moment for at least 15 seconds to have it imprint on your brain in the same way. Kind of interesting, right?  Since I learned this, …

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Our Austin Casa || The Modern Mudroom

Spoiler alert: The floor plans for our new house have been designed with a mudroom and that fact alone makes me laugh, almost out loud. As someone who spent 10 years in Los Angeles, 5 of those as a home owner, a mudroom was something I never imagined myself having or even wanting.  The market in LA is super competitive and crazy expensive.  When we bought our first home, our requirements were that it was in our price range and in a somewhat safe neighborhood.  That’s it.  Square footage or design details were a luxury that only …

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