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Cast-Iron Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This mini pumpkin pie recipe is so cute to serve up as a Thanksgiving or fall dessert. Baked and served in mini skillets, these darling desserts are sure to please your guests! When it comes to our marriage, our roles in the kitchen have always been pretty clearly defined.  I cook, he cleans… and most nights I’m pretty sure I have the easier of the jobs.  I can make just about anything and it’s usually really delicious (if I do say so myself!), but I’m a real pro at being able to dirty the most amount of dishes and …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || The Holidays

I spent last weekend bachelorette-ing with my cousins and the topic of the holidays came up one morning.  We were discussing what the plans were for this and what we’ve done the past holidays.  We chatted about what our traditions are and new ones we’d like to start. It’s something that can be particularly hard to navigate when you start having babes. We grow up in our family and have one way of doing things and one set of traditions and then we get married and start a new family with someone who has their own ways of …

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Recipes || Goat Cheese Frittata

Not sure what your making tonight? Want to spring for an extra luxurious weekend breakfast?  Frittatas are the best way to make something that looks delicious and fancy while using just the ingredients you have on hand.  (Plus, I’m always looking for an excuse to use my cast iron pans– they’re just so pretty!)  Think of this recipe as a guide, but don’t hesitate to put your own spin on things.  For a heartier meal, add sausage or grilled chicken.  For something a little richer add a couple of tablespoons of heavy …

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Cool Hunting || Best T-Shirts

We are back in the swing of things this week after I spent the weekend in Sonoma with all of my cousins, celebrating the bride to be!  We drank so much good wine and got dressed up for some really yummy meals.  Between playing catch up this week and trying to make it to as many Pilates classes/Gym sessions as possible, my wardrobe vibe has been very casual.  Based on the popularity of last spring’s best t-shirts round up, it seems like you guys might just love a good t-shirt as much as me! With that in mind, I put together a new one …

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