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Bon Voyage || Where Should We Go This Spring?

For all of our many differences, one thing that Aaron and I have always both loved is to travel.  We even differ by how we like to spend our vacations: Aaron likes to hike or climb to some unsafe point that makes me hold my breath and yell things at him, as well as take lots of photos.  I like to look up the best restaurants the city has to offer, wander in and out of small shops, and spend a good chunk of time in the city’s most interesting museums.  Luckily we’ve both gotten pretty good at doing both.  Aaron has some time …

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3 Three Minute Hairstyle Tutorials + How to Cheat Your Blowdry

Oh, you guys. Writing the copy for this post simply reminds me that I am so overdue for a haircut! I mean I’m not even entirely positive when my last one was, but if I had to guess, I would go with March 2016. Yikes. Don’t worry, it’s on the books and I’m counting down the days. More importantly, though, I’ve been using all of these tips and tricks that Martha Lynn taught us during our last shoot together to make it through. I’ve been adding quick and easy waves, pulling it back with this favorite …

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16 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Well, friends, this is our 194th (and final) post of this year.  We’ve done so much together this year!  We baked bread, took trips, crafted, put together new outfits, renovated rooms, thrown parties, mixed cocktails, baked appetizers, chatted about motherhood, and so much more.  I’m taking next week off from posting to be totally present with my fam, but, should you stumble here some time next week, here are 16 posts to take you back!  I always like seeing what our top performers are for the year.  Sometimes they’re …

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Real Talk with Real Moms || Birth Stories

This seemed like a fitting topic this month with what we are about to celebrate this weekend and yet I almost skipped writing about it. Parker’s birth is something that I never went super deep into here. I tend to keep things positive and upbeat around here and, well, this story, isn’t really that, but I do feel like there might just be someone out there who can relate, so with that, here is Parker’s birth story.  We all hope for pain-free and fancy-food-filled births as easy as Chrissy Tiegen’s, but that’s …

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