10 Best Braid Tutorials to Try Before Summer’s End

Anyone else obsessed with braids this summer?! Keep reading for the best braid tutorials to try before summer’s end! From braid crowns to topsy tail pigtails and spring vibes to bridal do’s, it’s all here… (originally published July 2019) Last week when we were in San Diego I had a minute to braid all of the girls’ hair. Parker and her friend Greta got matching pigtail braids and Ellie got a combination of french and dutch braids all braided together into one braid.  I really love braiding and wish I had the …

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Hair Tutorial || Two Hair Scarf Styles

When it comes to hair accessories, the hair scarf is very much top of my list! Keep reading to learn how to tie a hair scarf and create 2 awesome styles, the ponytail hair scarf and the low braided bun hair scarf. After years of having short hair– see here for reference!– I’ve been really enjoying trying out new hairstyles lately.  Especially ones that I can do in under five minutes since Ever, although totally adorable and sweet, does make time more of a limited resource these days. So, my attention turned to hair scarf …

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Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial

You’ve probably been hearing all about the mermaid braid! Here we will tell you how to do it, what to wear it with and more! Keep reading for the full mermaid braid hair tutorial. Are you dying over this mermaid braid like we are?!  Here’s the back story:  Britt and I were styling a look book shoot on what ended up being a very hot day in San Antonio, Texas (where very hot days are, of course, the norm), when Mel Dominguez who was doing the hair on set decided to help a sister out and braid Britt’s hair to get it off of …

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Easy Triple Braided Updo Tutorial

Looking for an easy braid tutorial? This one is for you! This braided updo is perfect for summer and is a great hairstyle for weddings and summer events. Follow my step by step how to guide with photos and get a stylish updo in no time at all! If you knew me two years ago then you might recall me saying that I would never have long hair again. Which is why people must say, “Never say never!” because voilà: long hair and loving it!  I’ve so been enjoying playing with longer ponytails and experimenting with braids.  …

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