Easy Triple Braided Updo Tutorial

Looking for an easy braid tutorial? This one is for you! This braided updo is perfect for summer and is a great hairstyle for weddings and summer events. Follow my step by step how to guide with photos and get a stylish updo in no time at all! If you knew me two years ago then you might recall me saying that I would never have long hair again. Which is why people must say, “Never say never!” because voilà: long hair and loving it!  I’ve so been enjoying playing with longer ponytails and experimenting with braids.  …

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Tutorial: How To Get The Perfect Messy Ponytail Look

Ponytails are a simple hairstyle, but spending an extra five minutes to achieve that perfect messy ponytail look is totally worth it! Keep reading for the full step by step… If you have been a reader for many years, you might remember that just four short years ago I had a short bobbed hairstyle. If we were friends, then you definitely heard me say that I would never have long hair again! When we moved to Austin in 2016, though, I found myself busier than ever with no hairstylist and my hair began to grow out by default. That’s …

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How I Do My Eyebrows: A Tutorial for Blonde Eyebrows

A short history on my relationship to my eyebrows goes a little like this: I have really light eyebrows. In the 90s that was great. I could wax them twice a year and no one was the wiser. Anytime I had my makeup professionally done, though, I was always uncomfortable with my eyebrows– probably because I wasn’t even use to seeing them! I would always beeline it for the bathroom and begin smudging the eyebrow makeup to make them less noticeable. As I’ve gotten older and as eyebrows have made a comeback, I’ve learned to …

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The Best Bags for Spring 2020 from Budget to Designer

I have been eyeing a new bag now for about six months, cautiously contemplating my options. Ever is no longer a baby and so I don’t feel the need to carry around quite so much stuff. My current every day bag is so large that it turns into a catchall and I find myself cleaning it out every weekend wondering how some of the contents ever got there in the first place. I want a bag with a zipper closure at the top, large enough to carry two kids water bottles, a wallet, phone and some small odds and ends without too much space beyond that …

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