A Video Love Song for Austin

It’s crazy to me that we have already been back here in Austin for over a year now.  Even though it’s such a big life transition to move halfway across the country after putting down ten years worth of roots, it’s actually felt really seamless and not at all that crazy or overwhelming– despite the fact that we will have moved three times in less than 18 months by the time we are in our new place (that we have been working on since last June) and also getting pregnant with baby #2 late last fall.  Our plates are …

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A Wardrobe Stylist’s Tips for Caring for Your Clothes on the Go

Now that I’m back from our adventures in Round Top, I’m officially done traveling this pregnancy, but I know for a lot of you travel season might be just beginning.  There’s Labor Day, fall which in general is just such a pretty time to travel, and of course the holidays.  Do you have upcoming travel plans? Nothing changed the way I pack for a trip more than when I started wardrobe styling.  When I was on a show, we would often times take 2-3 wardrobe racks full of clothes, shoes, and bedding on the road with us from Orlando to New …

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On The Road || Five Days in Stockholm

In many ways, this trip has been almost two years in the making.  Aaron’s work schedule is such that the best times for us to travel are summer, holiday, and the one very specific week in the spring that he has off.  We tried to plan something for last summer, but with our cross-country move from LA to Austin, we never got around to planning it and instead spent June and July exploring our new Texas digs.  Holiday rolled around, but we knew we wanted to be in town for Christmas and there just didn’t seem to be enough time on …

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9 Destinations for a Spring Vacation

We leave bright and early tomorrow for our Stockholm adventure and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a bit nervous.  It’s the longest we’ve ever left Parker and it feels so strange to be going so very far away. (The furthest we’ve both been together from her before this was a five hour drive to Yosemite!)  I tend to get this way any time I leave her and then once we are on the plane, I usually feel better. On the other hand, I couldn’t be more excited for our spring vacation adventure or our time …

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