Happy Friday || Fave (Wanderlust) Links

I had a text conversation a few nights ago with an old friend and colleague.  We were chatting about a business that she may be potentially starting and life changes and no less than three times in the not-so-long conversation I ended a sentence with “…while you don’t have kids!”.  Anyone else?! I wholeheartedly believe that having children is the most wild fun ride and adventure and I’m so glad to be on it, but so many things are just wildly different once little ones come on the scene.  It is a fact that you …

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Traveling with Kids: 5 Ways to Choose Adventure on Your Next Vacation!

I was walking around the lake with a friend last week and we were reminiscing on what we each remembered most about our childhoods. Lots of things came to mind, but some of the happiest recollections that surfaced were of family vacations—snow skiing in Lake Tahoe, discovering giant sea turtles outside our door in Maui, horseback riding around the Grand Canyon, cruising with my cousins through the Caribbean with my entire extended family.  It’s not that we had a ton of disposable income when I was growing up, but my parents prioritized …

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My 10 Favorite Restaurants for a Lunch Meeting in Austin

Whether you are visiting the city or looking for a new place, my favorite restaurants in Austin for lunch guide will have something for you! Whether you are looking for somewhere quiet, chic or simply want wi-fi, these restaurants are perfect for you. Oh and of course, the food is amazing! The weather is warm, the trees are sprouting leaves, and all major airlines have doubled their service into Austin for the next week which can mean only one thing: SXSW is upon us!  The next few days on my calendar are a mix of parties, speaking …

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Living Abroad || An American in Munich

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just up and move to another country for an extended period of time? A year in Europe with the whole family in tow? Six months in South America brushing up on our Spanish?  I’m always intrigued about how differently people live their every day lives around the globe and think that it would be an incredible experience to not be in a different country just for vacation, but for the mundane day-to-day things.  How do people raise their kids? Eat? Get from place to place? Treat each other?   …

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