What to Do in Mexico City, A Travel Diary

(The post is sponsored by HotelTonight, an app that we have used for traveling in the past and absolutely love! Plan ahead or book last minute on a whim, it’s an awesome way to travel. This trip is the first in our series of 12 trips that we are taking this year!) When we land at CDMX, pesos in hand, I find myself already feeling so much more relaxed than when we took off, thanks much in part to my intentional swapping of my laptop for a stack of magazines before leaving the house. We quickly find our Uber and hop in. I dare not look down …

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Christmas in Round Top and Holiday Bucket Lists

This time last year we were in a moving frenzy and a newborn baby fog. Fast forward 365 days, though, and it’s been a pretty magical Christmas season already. There is a Christmas tree lot in our neighborhood that I’ve been taking the girls to in the afternoons. The people are so friendly there and don’t mind the girls chasing each other through the trees and collecting limbs and pine cones that make their way home with us. We spent last weekend at The Vintage Round Top with friends. There was a Christmas parade and plenty …

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Small Town Living with Katie Turpin of Sunshine Texas Day

I read recently that 63% of Americans call home to just 3% of the country’s land area. Interesting, right? While big cities can be alluring with all of their modern conveniences and hip, vibey restaurants, more and more millennials seem to be trading in high rents and increasing traffic for small town living. It sparked my own interest and was the catalyst for this new series, Small Town Living, where we meet up with one new female business owner to discuss the allure and the challenges of small town life. Once a teacher, Katie Turpin …

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5 Bucket List Places to Visit this Fall

There’s no denying that summer is the obvious travel season. The kids are out of school, many offices incite summer hours, and your social media feeds are likely filled with destination after beautiful destination, tempting you to book your own plane ticket. For us, it’s when Aaron is on hiatus so it’s always been our best time for travel.  I’m convinced, though, that fall is really the ideal time to travel. The weather is often times a perfect mix of daytime sunshine and cool evenings, airports and cities alike are …

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