Amanda’s Bathroom Update: Delta Faucet Reveal

This post is sponsored by Delta®,. A brand we love and use every day in our home. Right before we put our house on the market in Los Angeles, to prepare for our move to Austin, we did some much needed work on the house. We repaired stucco and touched up exterior paint. We updated tile in the half bathroom and replaced the dilapidated roof on the garage. They were projects that had seemed so major when we thought about doing them over the nearly five years that we lived there, but when it actually came time to tackle them, they weren’t that …

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Fall Brunch: The Simplest Way to Host Friends and Family

It’s safe to say I hosted more before having kids. Within three months of moving into our first home in LA, we hosted a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas dinner party, and a New Year’s Eve bash turned dance party that will forever be one of my favorite NYE memories. It’s something that I’ve really missed lately and have thus been thinking a lot about what hosting looks like now post-kids. One of the easiest ways I have found to host friends now is by hosting brunch. Especially as we near the holiday season …

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Our Bathroom Renovation for Amanda is Underway!

Sponsored by Delta® Faucet Homes are the most interesting of spaces to me. They’re different than hotels. Different than our places of work. Different than even the chicest of ‘grammable eateries.  They’re not only a reflection of our style and what’s important to us, but they simultaneously serve the most utilitarian of purposes, too.  They serve as a place of refuge, a place of connection, and a place where we will likely spend the majority of our time.  We spent the better part of 2016 and all of 2017 designing and building our …

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10 Things to Consider Before Building a New House

Today marks exactly 9 months since we moved into Our Austin Casa!  It was a journey that began when we decided to move back to Austin from Los Angeles in July of 2015 and began looking for houses and considered building, to June 2016 when we actually finally found the spot where we wanted to build and moved back to Austin that same month, to December 2016 when we broke ground on our home and finally to December 2017 when we moved in at long last and began the process of furnishing and styling our new space. Since then we’ve been …

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