Easy Friendsgiving Ideas

I love hosting Friendsgiving! Is such a great excuse to get everyone in a room, spoil them rotten and let them know how much they mean to you. Check out my easy Friendsgiving ideas for a fabulous day filled with love, laughter and fun! (This post is sponsored by Cracker Barrel.) Most won’t argue, life is short. Days fly by an hour at a time. Children grow, the process marked by penciled lines on their closet wall. One moment you’re carefully wrapping up ornaments from the Christmas tree and before you know it, the time has come to pull …

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2018 Gift Guides || For the Friend with the Most Stylish Home

Whether it’s a room you rent, an apartment in the city, or your dream abode, home is everything. It’s a sanctuary amid life’s storms and a place to entertain and enjoy the ones you love most. The best homes are the ones that are layered over time– a platter here, a dish there, and new piece of art for the win– which is why home decor is among my favorite type of gift to give and receive! There are always shelves that need styling, tabletops that need a little something extra, and bedside table just begging for a …

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Our Austin Casa || The Playroom Reveal

(This Mid Century Modern Playroom reveal is the latest in our series of room reveals from Our Austin Casa.) This room has been a long time coming. The long and meandering journey to this room goes back to sitting at our dining room table in Los Angeles circa 2015 with our initial architect and hearing myself explain my idea for a playroom. “I want it to be a space downstairs, that’s close to the kitchen and living areas, but also not like right in your face,” I said. The kids’ bedrooms were going to be upstairs, and I …

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How to Design Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

(This post is sponsored by Casper and the new Wave mattress.)  My closest friends regularly give me a hard time for my love of a good eight hour night’s sleep, but all joking aside, I know I do my best work and best momming when my tank is full and for me that means a good nights sleep. (I may not be the friend who is going to dance with you at the bar until the wee hours, but I will be the friend who will meet you for coffee after preschool drop-off or volunteer enthusiastically to watch your kiddo so that you can get a hair cut.) With a …

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