Our Bathroom Giveaway Reveal Complete with the Budget and Before + After

(A special thanks to Delta Faucet, Room & Board, and Fireclay Tile for supply product for this post. They’re three brands that I have throughout my own home and love that we were able to use them in Amanda’s new space as well.) Have you ever had a crazy idea late at night while trying to fall asleep? The impetus of this post was exactly that. I’m a natural night owl, although children and the world at large force me to function as a morning person, so function I do. However, I swear 9:30pm is when I get my best ideas! …

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How to Collect and Display Art in Your Home on Any Budget

(This post is sponsored by Soraa Home, the only LED lighting on the market that shows light in it’s full spectrum of color.) I didn’t discover Basquiat until I was in my early twenties, decades after his name had become household among the world’s art elite. Living and working in LA, Aaron and I often times found ourselves in the homes of people whose living room art collections rivaled a gallery at the Guggenheim. On one such occasion, Aaron was shooting photos and was directed to “move his ladder further away from the Basquiat”. …

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Cool Hunting || 80 of Our Favorite Pieces for Styling Shelves

I needed this post twelve months ago. We moved into Our Austin Casa December of 2017 with plenty of boxes and unpacking to do, but oddly enough very little in the way of furniture or rugs or decor or even art. We had moved three times in 18 months and had shed items in each of these categories with each new residence we took up in. It was intentional. Many things we had were items that we didn’t really love anymore or maybe had never really loved that much to begin with but had acquired when our budgets were much leaner and our taste …

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Christmas in Round Top and Holiday Bucket Lists

This time last year we were in a moving frenzy and a newborn baby fog. Fast forward 365 days, though, and it’s been a pretty magical Christmas season already. There is a Christmas tree lot in our neighborhood that I’ve been taking the girls to in the afternoons. The people are so friendly there and don’t mind the girls chasing each other through the trees and collecting limbs and pine cones that make their way home with us. We spent last weekend at The Vintage Round Top with friends. There was a Christmas parade and plenty …

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