Cool Hunting || 21 of The Best Sconces on the Market

(If you’re looking for new lighting, be sure to also check out our best pendant lights and best lamps!) If it’s possible to have a favorite type of light fixture, the sconce is mine. They always seem to be a part of really thoughtfully curated moments. There’s always going to be some sort of light situation wired to the center of the ceiling in a room, but to wire a sconce is usually more premeditated and intentional. There are so many cool ones on the market now and it’s such an easy way to update a room. Also, if …

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Our Next Home Project and Craft Room Inspiration

Contrary to what I had imagined, just because our full home tour is live doesn’t mean the house projects stop. We are currently checking off of our list a whole lot of outdoor projects and I’ve made a collective 3 trips to Goodwill in an equal number of days just getting rid of all of the STUFF. One thing that Aaron and I both have on our mind is how we can make the most of our gigantic office closet. Our home has just a single car garage and the flat roof line doesn’t allow for attic space, so that closet is not only an …

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Cool Hunting || 21 of The Best Lamps on the Market

A couple of weeks ago I shared my favorite pendant lights, mostly because choosing the light fixtures in our home was probably my favorite of all the steps of building our house. A couple of you commented that you wish you could switch light fixtures, but you’re in a rental and it doesn’t really make sense which got me to thinking about lamps. They’re typically inexpensive, require no one to install them and you can move them from room to room and house to house as your style and address evolve and change. It seems like a …

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Cool Hunting || 22 of The Best Pendant Lights on the Market

After months of ogling wood boards and drywall returns, when we finally got to choose light fixtures for our house, things got really fun! The lighting alone in a house can totally change the design direction and I think it’s one of the easiest ways to give a room and major boost. I think  switching out light fixtures can be intimidating because, you know, electricity and wires, but it’s actually so much easier than you would think and a pretty inexpensive job for an electrician or handyman. Whether you’re choosing a …

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