Styling Our Rental Kitchen Two Ways : Color vs Neutrals

When we moved into our rental in January, we’ve always known it was temporary.  While we count down the days until Our Austin Casa is complete, we’ve been settling in and making our current digs feel as much like home as possible, without investing too much in a space that we know isn’t for forever.  (We aren’t even hanging curtains or art here because I just can’t justify it for 5 months and hours spent patching holes and touching up paint.)  As Aaron and I slowly select a piece here and there that we know …

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Our Austin Rental || Plans for the Office / Nursery

Is anything allowed to do just one thing anymore?  You have your job and your side hustle. Washing machines now steam clothes.  Your bb cream moisturizes, protects from aging, and provides sheer coverage.  Multi-task or adios!  In our new place, the dining room will also be half studio as all of the natural light should make for a prime shooting space for content.  The office will also serve as a guest room.  The playroom part toy storage and play pandemonium while also maintaining a sense of a cozy sitting area.    Even now in the …

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Our Austin Casa || Progress Report + Floor Plans

Happy progress report on the house day, friends!  I know that it’s highly unlikely that any of you are as excited as we are about this, but those first few vertical pieces of steel are the happiest sight for me!  (I’ll give you the cliff’s notes version, but feel free to fall down the rabbit hole here if you prefer all of the details.)  After closing on the house the beginning of June, finishing up the rough floor plans by mid June, then dealing with all kinds of demo, tree, and building permits as well as structural …

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Our Austin Casa || Parker’s New Room Design (A Vote!)

It’s so hard to believe that Parker has been in her big girl bed for almost a year!  Where does the time go?!  While the move in date for our new home we are building is hardly just around the corner, as we begin to furnish our current rental, I’m trying to choose pieces that will work in both spaces, which means I’m already thinking ahead to the final furniture plan of the new place. Parker’s pink IKEA bed (that we have loved– it’s actually the bed in option two) was just taken apart and put back …

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