Our Austin Casa || Update: Framed!

Never has a post shot solely on my iPhone made me so happy!  It’s not fancy, but things are moving along on our new place and I thought it was definitely time for an update. About two months ago exactly, our house looked like this.  Since then, the framing has gone up which makes it feel dramatically different and gives you a really good feeling for the kind of light each room will get and the scale of things.  We did an electrical walk through and got to choose the location of every single light fixture and outlet in the whole …

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The Most Zen Rooms + the Chicest Essential Oil Diffusers

I feel like I am most definitely late to the essential oil game. What I have lacked in early adoption, though, I make up for in wholehearted enthusiasm now.  My single diffuser (it’s actually #8 in the below ‘Essential Oil Diffusers’ shopping round up!) gets drug around the house from room to room, changing locations at least three times a day. When I think about the kind of space I want to create as “home” (which is something I have been thinking about dozens a times a day since we are in the process of …

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Mother’s Day || I Got It From My Mama

At three years old, it’s impossible to spend thirty minutes with Parker and not see evidence of Aaron and I in her. Not just in her blue eyes or sandy brown hair, but her mannerisms.  The way that she loves to take pictures, can give side eye, or thinks of every little detail like her dad.  She always checks to make sure the alarm is off before she opens the front door in the morning and “checks the weather”.  If we are going somewhere new she wants to know there will be a car seat and a bed for her there. The other night …

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Our Austin Casa || The Master Bathroom Design

There has been lots of exciting progress over at the house and I’m so excited to finally be able to share this master bathroom design that had been evolving for the past few months. It’s true that one of the downsides people always talk about  when it comes to building from scratch is the long, sometimes arduous timeline that it takes to go through the plan creating, permitting and building to get to your final product, but one of the great things that I feel like no one talks about is that the process gives you so much time to …

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