Porter’s Boyish Vintage Kids Room

Kids rooms are funny.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Parker, I began thinking about how I wanted to decorate the nursery.  Then she was born and it felt like it was immediately and constantly evolving.  She was out of her crib by two, her bookshelves were hung so high that they were out of her reach and felt impractical, and toys and daily essentials felt like they were being retired and replaced on a monthly basis.  When I first stepped into Porter’s room, I immediately gravitated towards everything. (Which is no …

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Before and After || Katie’s Simple Kitchen Refresh

(A Note from Jen: I particularly loved this before and after for it’s totally approachable vibe.  We would have loved to have gutted the kitchen in our house in LA, taken down walls, and opened things up while adding high end appliances and new floors, but was actually pleasantly surprised by what we were able to do here to brighten up the space with a budget of around $1200.  Katie’s kitchen is a perfect in between of that very small scale project and a complete overhaul like this kitchen.  While major kitchen renovations …

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Tips for Working from Home Successfully

When I first left my full-time styling job and started my own business working from home, I felt like the ultimate goal was to some day have a really cool studio on Melrose Place or Beverly Boulevard to call home to my business.  When we moved to Austin and were in between places for a bit, it actually became totally necessary to find a studio space (and paint it pink, of course!), but I soon realized just how much I actually missed working from home.  Especially with what we do here on the site, it’s so nice to be able to style …

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Cool Hunting || On the Hunt for A Bed

While there is still so much to do before we move in– like birth a child and finish building the house that feels like is moving along so slowly these days– I’ve already mentally begun to shop for furniture.  There are a few things that we know we will need to replace.  Our living room sectional being one of them since the chaise side is just too long for the space and would block the extra large sliding door to the backyard.  The second is our bed, which we have adored for the last six years.  It was our first king-size …

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