Coffee Talk || What I’ve Been Up To and In To Lately

My eyes don’t feel fully open this morning after such a busy week, but that isn’t going to stop me from hopping a plane to Santa Fe today with my mom and two sisters for a quick girls weekend! I feel like it’s been awhile since we (you and I, friend) just chatted, so I wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on and some things that I’ve been in to lately! I would love to hear the same from you! Aaron has been traveling A LOT this month. Luckily he’s home with the girls this weekend and I know …

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Small Town Living with Katie Turpin of Sunshine Texas Day

I read recently that 63% of Americans call home to just 3% of the country’s land area. Interesting, right? While big cities can be alluring with all of their modern conveniences and hip, vibey restaurants, more and more millennials seem to be trading in high rents and increasing traffic for small town living. It sparked my own interest and was the catalyst for this new series, Small Town Living, where we meet up with one new female business owner to discuss the allure and the challenges of small town life. Once a teacher, Katie Turpin …

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Small Town Living with Graphic Designer Lara Bobo

When we decided to move back to Austin, a decision we made over three years ago now, we were in a sense given a fresh start to imagine our daily life anew. What kind of neighborhood did we want to live in? Where did we imagine sending our kids to school? What types of things did we want to be close to? What shaped our decision to live where we do, ultimately came down to a sense of young family community and being walkable to many things. After a decade of living in Los Angeles, my desire to spend as little time in a vehicle was strong. That …

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Happy Friday || 10 Cool Things My Friends Are Doing Right Now

When you’re in grade school, like many things, friendship comes so naturally that it is easily taken for granted. All of your classmates come to your unicorn-themed birthday party and everyone gets a Valentine in their glitter-adorned tissue box turned mailbox.  As you get older, a natural selection of sorts occurs and the friends you find by your side are more thoughtfully chosen and those relationships more carefully nurtured.  By the time you reach adulthood and especially once you find yourself in the throws of motherhood, friends …

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