Memory Lane: Why This Blog Exists and How it’s like a 30-Something Year Old Female

This is the second to last post I will publish this year, if all goes according to the plan of our editorial calendar, which admittedly has been known to excel in last minute pivots. But curveball withstanding, this is the second most recent post that will greet you should you check in between now and December 31st. What’s perhaps– no– most definitely more astounding is that it’s one of nearly seventeen hundred posts that have been posted to this URL in its seven plus years of digital life. “In the same way that …

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12 DIY Holiday Projects to Add to Your December Bucket List

Feel like doing something fun and creative this holiday season? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite DIY holiday projects. From a gorgeous homemade advent calendar to beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments, read on for fun holiday craft project the whole family will love! This time last year we were frantically counting down the final days until we could move into our new house. Would the drywall slow us down?! The tile?! City inspectors?! That coupled with a baby that was only a few months old equaled a more pared down holiday season. We …

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Kindred Fiber Farm: How An Alpaca Farm is Bringing People Together

(This story of Anna Marie and her Alpaca Farm is the latest in our series of small business stories in partnership with Gracie Byrd Jones. You can see more here.) When we hear about the impetus of many new businesses, there’s often times a storyline of community. It’s true of Starbucks, of Barre3, and so many countless others. Kindred Fiber Farm, a budding business located in Fredericksburg, Texas, is no exception. I got the chance to chat with Anna Marie about her beautiful alpaca farm. I wanted to hear how she got her start, …

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2018 Gift Guides || The Best Things on The Planet Under $30

Happy Friday, friends! I hope this post finds you full to the brim not just with good food, but with the joy and contentment that comes from spending time with friends and family and the excitement of this most magical time of the year. This is the fifth in our 2018 series of gift guides and proof that a great gift doesn’t have to be a huge expenditure. It might sound trite to say that it’s the thought that counts but truly my favorite gifts are always the ones that I can tell were meant just for me. So without further ado, …

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