DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box

This DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box costs less than $30 and is perfect for just about everyone on your gifting list! Great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas or any time! Can I get a collective TGIF out there?! So excited for the weekend and so excited for this holiday season.  As if the fact that I birthed her from my body wasn’t proof enough of kinship, we were on our way to school one day this week and Parker said out of the blue, “Mama, Christmas music makes me so happy!”.  Me too, sister, me too. Our to-do list …

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The Only Gift Guide You Need This Holiday

Is it just me or do the stores open earlier and earlier every year?!  Confession Time: I can’t remember the last time I went to a black Friday sale.  I actually loathe shopping with crowds, so online shopping is way more my jam!  This gift guide post is actually one of my favorite, favorite, favorite posts that I put together all year!  Last year was the first time that I decided to consolidate all of our gift guides into one mega gift guide post.  It takes forever, yes, but it’s so nice to be able to reference this one post …

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DIY Gifts || Embroidered Burlap Bags

If you know me at all, then you know that my DIY attempts are amateur at best and the craftiest tool in my arsenal is usually a bottle of spray paint.  That being said, these DIY gift bags are soooooo easy and feel so personal!  Last week Parker and I took my mom out to dinner to celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary (my dad is working out of the country until the spring) and we started chatting over dinner and wine about the people on our holiday list and what gifts they might like.  The gift buying list can get so long, can’t it? …

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Happy Weekend || Fave Links

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, friends!  How are ya, out there?  I just flew back from a quick trip to Minneapolis yesterday.  With the exception of Chicago, I haven’t been to the mid-west since high school (St. Louis), and fell so in love with Minneapolis this week.  It’s such a nice blend of city life and laidback mid-west life, delicious restaurants and bars, and kind, interesting people.  Anyone out there a reader from the mid-west? I totally get the draw! Speaking of the draw, that Cubs game!  I have never been a huge baseball …

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