3 Holiday Gift Guides for Teachers, Dads and Kiddos!

(This posts is sponsored by Tuesday Morning. All thoughts and opinions are my own!) If you followed along on our house building journey, then you probably already know that we chose our neighborhood for its walkability. My big requirement was that I had to be able to walk to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee if I so desired! Our location nails all four of those and beyond! In fact, one of the places that we can walk to from our house is Tuesday Morning which is how my love affair with the all-purpose retailer began. The girls actually …

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Happy (Healthy!) Halloween: 25+ Healthier Things You Can Pass Out This Halloween

I find as we become more educated on foods, ingredients, and their affects on us, it makes navigating Halloween (and just eating in general!) with kids so much more challenging. On the one hand, I don’t want to make such a big deal about have sweet treats or Halloween candy that it becomes a thing. After all, I want kids that can self-regulate right? But on the other hand I literally cringe at the idea of them eating Red 40 and Yellow 6. While I know that their trick-or-treat baskets will inevitably include some iffy ingredients, there …

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12 Cool Things My Friends are Doing Now

While I’m not one to typically disagree with a Beatle, I think we do more than just get by with a little help from our friends. Indeed we thrive with a little help from our friends. I have been endlessly inspired by the careers, work, and creativity of friends past and present and love this little series as a way to pop in and share about them in hopes that they’ll inspire you, too. Do you recognize the locale in the above framed photo? It’s Barton Springs, the iconic swimming hole here in my home town of Austin. When I saw …

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The 5 Clean Beauty Products I Use Every Day

These are the clean beauty products that I use everyday. They keep my skin in great condition and I really wouldn’t be without them! This is my daily skin routine and it works! Simplicity is my summer mantra and it’s finding it’s way into all the nooks and crannies of my life, including my bathroom drawer. Between samples, promos, and my own purchases, the drawers in our bathroom vanity are easily overrun with beautifully packaged products and makeup in a myriad of hues. My Tried and Tested Clean Beauty Products A few weeks …

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