A Note for The Weekend #002: Quarantine, The Second Chapter

Many of us have passed the two month mark of days spent in quarantine. While March and April were marked by the careful curation of a sourdough starter, a new proficiency in Zoom and becoming an expert in sourcing flour and eggs, May feels different. Businesses have begun to re-open in many states, same-day grocery delivery slots are nearly as common now as they were in January and rumblings of summer rental houses abound in distanced conversation. May is different, yet still not the same. There’s a letting go of things that were …

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A Note for The Weekend #01:

This week started off by going totally off the rails and Monday ended with me in bed asking questions like “Where did we go wrong?” “Should we ditch this whole homeschool thing?” “Who needs to know how to read anyways?” Tuesday redeemed Monday, in part by the well-sauced enchiladas we were dining on by 6pm and also in part by the leftover margarita found in the refrigerator door that I deemed okay to casually sip at 4:30 on a Tuesday. It was a congratulatory toast to sight words practiced in peace and coins …

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Easy Outdoor DIY: Painted Succulent Pots Tutorial

These DIY Succulent Planters are really simple and leave your outdoor pots with a really cool, unglazed finish look. Turn your unused collection of pots into beautiful homemade pots! We have been spending a lot of time out side lately. Any time the kids start to go haywire or homeschool jumps the shark, we fling open the door and do what we can to get some fresh air. Yesterday it was gardening and I was reminded of this tutorial we did with my friend Lindsay so many years ago! It’s a really nice way to create some cohesion in your …

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3 Minute Hairstyles: How to Do a Modern French Twist

In the age of work / school / play from home life, simple morning routines have become paramount. I still like to get ready in the morning before we “start” our day. Much in the way that a bath in the evening signals to a newborn that it’s time to sleep, a quick shower, skincare routine and doing something with my hair tells my brain the day has now begun. It’s the little, “Go get ’em, Tiger!” that I need in the AM. I fell in love with this scallop hair clip from Wunderkin and that’s how this …

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