All of the Best Grocery Delivery Services in Austin, Texas (and Beyond!)

If you’re like me and would love to avoid the lines and crowds at the grocery stores, keep reading for all of the best grocery delivery services in Austin, Texas…   If you find yourself staring into the refrigerator and wondering where you’re going to find your next dozen eggs, you’re not alone. Last Wednesday I did a final Whole Foods run and decided that after that I would find away to not have to go back to the store until things felt a little safer. Our social distance quarantine had begun. Yesterday I decided …

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26 Things To Do at Home While You’re Social Distancing

Lemons into lemonade. That’s always been our motto. If you’re part of a community where social distancing is mandatory or are social distancing as a preemptive measure, keep reading for 24 things you can do from home to make the most of this time. Social distancing is a term applied to certain actions that are taken by Public Health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. It usually indicates that schools and offices are closed and all community events cancelled. The ripple effects are many and …

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Everything I Know About the Stock Market I Learned from My Grandmother

“Stocks go up and stocks go down, but in the end stocks go up.” – my grandmother Last week, while on a high from trading stocks and getting into some things at exciting prices, I texted a group of girlfriends to see what they were excited about. These are some of the smartest, most savvy women I know, mind you. I was surprised to find out soon after hitting send that most of these smart, savvy women have never bought stock.This isn’t uncommon, though. Data suggests that women are 41% less likely to invest their money …

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21 Fun Things to Do with Friends

Friendship in adulthood, and especially during the motherhood years of having small children, can so easily become stale or stagnant. It starts to feel like text, call, make plans for dinner and repeat. Looking to shake things up or deepen your existing friendships? Keep reading for 21 fun things to do with friends, most of which are cheap or free! It’s hard enough making friends as an adult, but how do you maintain those relationships? Especially when you have small children it can feel like a play date is the only time you ever see …

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