Scandinavian Inspired Salmon Burgers Recipe (Gluten Free)

This crazy holiday rush the last few weeks has had me (Lauren) dreaming about vacation, like a real one. But with not a one in site, I’m grasping at memories from my past. The last major vacation (and most dreamy ever) was to Scandinavia where Chase and I visited Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It was one of those once in a lifetime vacations. There are so many things I could tell you I loved about that vacation but of course, I’m focusing on the topic of food. One of our unforgettable memories as we travelled through Scandi-land was the …

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10 of the Best New Year’s Eve Cocktails Worth The Effort

Mixing up a cocktail is the beverage equivalent of putting on your favorite Ganni slingbacks. It signifies that it’s not just going to be any old night. (If it were, you would have opened a bottle of wine and slipped your feet into some your trusty slip on mules.) As we head into this next holiday-filled week, the thing I find myself most looking forward to is having more fringe time to do things that usually feel too indulgent for your average Thursday– cooking more elaborate recipes that lie on dog-eared pages of my favorite …

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Cocktail Hour || Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

Sidecar Cocktail Recipe This sidecar cocktail recipe is a classic for a reason. This cognac cocktail is flavored with lemon and orange for a refreshing citrus drink. Easy to make and delicious to drink! On a weekly basis I find myself mentally remarking on how interesting it is that the simplest things are often times also the best. If you find yourself on this site often, I’m sure you’re not surprised. But it’s true isn’t, it? We hosted a small dinner party at our place on Friday evening and while contemplating cocktail recipes for the …

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Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe with Apple Pecan Chutney

This stuffed pork tenderloin recipe is crowd pleaser packs a punch with the bite sized portions for a gathering or party. It’s flavor combination of savory and sweet while still looking classy makes it the perfect centerpiece at a holiday table. Pork is stuffed with an apple and pecan chutney for an easy to make main course that’s perfect for the holidays, celebrations and family gatherings. Happy Holidays friends! It’s such a fun time of year to enjoy family and friends. And hopefully, if you’re hosting you’re not overwhelmed …

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