Weeknight Meal Plan || #2

I’m so excited for this round of Weeknight Meal Plan, mostly because of all of the great recipe suggestions you guys left last week! I feel like this is going to be a great way to break out of my usual rotation of meals and try some new things. There is a strong quinoa theme this week which I’m not at all mad about. We’ve also been doing a lot of kale caesar salads as a side since this post, so I’m sure that will pop up at least once.    In other news, we spent the week brainstorming ideas for the rest of our spring …

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Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We started the day off in our house with heart shaped waffles– saving the leftovers for these guys after dinner tonight!  Do you guys have plans? I know it’s a day that people tend to have a love/hate relationship with, but it seems like we could all use an excuse to celebrate love over hate.  I can remember years past where Valentine’s Day has been a total letdown, not at all living up to expectations. I also have really wonderful memories, though, too. Memories of my dad coming into …

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Weeknight Meal Plan || #1

When I was in college I worked on the weekends for a wonderful family, doing some of their grocery shopping and errand running so that they could enjoy more time with their kids. Every Sunday afternoon, the mother would sit at the dining room table with her favorite cookbooks and come up with a meal plan for the week and then carefully craft a grocery list accordingly.  It’s taken me many years to get in the habit of planning our weeknight meals ahead of time, and some weeks are better than others (Aaron can attest), but it’s …

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Baked Chocolate Raspberry Donuts with Powdered Sugar

Rest assured friends that, while contrary to what the last two posts might have you believe, this is not donut week over here on the blog.  However, while Gourdough’s are a must try for anyone who finds themselves in Austin, these are of the much lighter, healthier variety.  They’re also a super sweet way to say good morning to the ones you love, whether it’s next Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) or any ol’ day of the week.  Donuts are never a bad idea and these baked chocolate raspberry donuts are a really, really …

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