Weeknight Meal Plan || #6

Happy Friday, friends!  As you might have noticed from my stories, I spent the last two days down in San Antonio for a lookbook shoot.  I haven’t been there since college and am now dying to go back with Aaron! (Maybe a quick anniversary trip?!)  After a few days out of my element, I’m ready to hit the grocery store and farmers market this weekend and prep for a week of clean (ish) eating at home.  First, though, we’ve got one more shoot this afternoon, followed by dinner plans out with Parker and then it’s onto …

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Cocktail Hour || Springtime Whiskey Sour Recipe

It’s hard to think about summertime entertaining without thinking about delicious cocktails. (Sadly for me of course! I’m counting down the days until my Labor Day cocktails in September!)  When we were chatting with the team about what kinds of cocktails we wanted to incorporate over the next few months, we kept coming back to this idea of simplicity.  Entertaining that isn’t fussy or too time consuming. A happy hour gathering that focuses more on friends coming together and less on menu items that take hours to …

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9 Easy Pantry Swaps for A Healthier Kitchen

Happy Friday, friends!  After a week abroad of trying new foods and popping into new restaurants, I arrived home late last Friday night ready to cook up clean meals in my own kitchen.  (Does travel have this affect on anyone else?!)  I’m happy to report that the refrigerator is full of yummy leftovers and the dishwasher has since been run a dozen times  just to keep up!  I’ve been thinking a lot about how fortunate we are to be living in a time when there is so much information out there about the food we are eating. …

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Easter Leftover Honey Ham Breakfast Tacos with Chipotle Crema

Ah, the breakfast taco!  Have you picked up on my affinity for it yet? (This post was a telltale giveaway.)  When we first moved back to Austin last summer, I think we were eating them every day of the week, so in love were we.  I recently discovered these cassava root and coconut tortillas and have been wrapping up any and all taco combinations ever since.  Big holiday meals are prone to inevitable leftovers and I couldn’t think of any way I would rather enjoy leftover honey ham than with honey ham breakfast tacos and this tangy, …

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