A California-Inspired Mother’s Day Brunch

If you’re still looking for a way to make mom feel special this weekend, can I offer you a hint?  A little effort goes a long way.  It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or an over-the-top expensive gift.  Just make it look like you planned something and didn’t scramble last minute for the woman who raised you or is raising your children! Last week, I hosted a California-inspired Mother’s Day brunch of my own to celebrate the launch of Parachute’s new Tabletop Collection and some of the mamas from whom I get …

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Mother’s Day Breakfast Pizza Recipe

The internet is in full bloom with Mother’s Day posts these days, and rightly so. We baby mamas spend our days striving to find the perfect balance, to make the bed, excel at work or home or both, to negotiate getting dressed and mealtime and bedtime with terrorists toddlers and to still make time to feel like good wives and the individuals we were pre-motherhood.  (You can check out my “What I Want for Mother’s Day” gift guide, too!) We hosted an early Mother’s Day brunch last week for some of my favorite …

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Weeknight Meal Plan #7 || Summer Flavor Sneak Peek

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!  I’m actually feeling particularly good about this week’s meal plan. Sometimes I get so hung up on gorgeous Pinterest pictures, trying new things, or entertaining whatever I might be craving at the moment.  The regret doesn’t sink in until I’m unpacking $200 worth of groceries and so, so many ingredients! On the other hand, this week’s recipes are all really quick and easy to make, plus I’ll probably triple the chicken recipe on Monday to have ample protein to toss into …

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Recipes || A Self-Serve Fajita Taco Bar

Please don’t think I’m crazy, but I’ve been dreaming of this taco board for a very long time. I’m a total sucker for a cheese board and love that you can put one out at happy hour or for a casual get together and people can serve themselves and graze at their leisure. There’s no official call to serving time and no end to the options and combinations you can present. So if a cheese board is such a great idea, why stop there? Why not a taco board?! Because as much as I love cheese, it’s safe to say it pales …

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