Party Dips: Homemade Hummus and Spinach Artichoke Dip

I must confess, I (Lauren) love hosting. Some people may dread the idea, but if that could be something you do for a living I would totally take on the professional title of ‘Hostess with the Mostest’.  Preparing food, having drinks, desserts and cozy conversation in our home is truly one of my favorite things.  Instead of a traditional baby shower here in Austin, Chase and I opted for hosting a low key “Baby-Q” with friends and family. I did my best to make it easy on myself since I am 33 weeks pregnant and it’s blazing hot …

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The Double Everything and Freeze It Meal Plan

After our little pre-term labor excitement, I went into full “better-get-my-act-together” mode and decided that our freezer needed to be filled with plenty of good food.   The nursery is finally complete (you can see a peek of it here), my hospital bag is packed, and the car seat is installed. A couple weeks ago I intentionally meal planned only things that would freeze well so that I could double them and stock them away for those days when Aaron is traveling, Parker is being three and my newborn is needing extra attention. …

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Travel Snacks: Gluten Free Cowboy Cookies

If you caught my earlier post today, then you already know we’re talking about travel snacks!  Being gluten free doesn’t often lend itself to a lot of choices when traveling, so I (Lauren) like to make my own.  This next snack is one I actually crave regularly and literally turns me into a cookie monster. Cowboy Cookies were introduced to me by my mother-in-law who would send fresh batches to Chase and I when we lived in Virginia. Those packages were always my favorite.  I have tweaked her recipe just a bit. But, here’s the …

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Travel Snacks: Gluten Free Homemade Trail Mix

Is it just me or is anyone else a snacking fiend? I (Lauren) could probably live off of snack food if that was an acceptable diet, which it’s not. It is however, a totally justifiable diet when you are traveling!  Being gluten free doesn’t often lend itself to a lot of choices when traveling, so whether by plane or good old road trip, I always bring my own snacks.  First up, we’re talking trail mix. (We’ll be sharing another gluten free travel snack later today!)  Trail mix easy to travel with, filling, and (mostly) made of …

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