The Capsule Pantry: Easy Weeknight Enchiladas and Other Tex-Mex Recipes

When Jen and I originally began talking through recipes for the Capsule Pantry, one thing became immediately clear: we love Tex-Mex. I’m not sure it’s just because we live in Austin either, it’s hard not to love this food group when these dishes bring together both a sense of comfort and also a little spice to each meal.  In addition to these easy weeknight enchiladas, I’ve included six recipes that are bursting with flavor but still made with only the ingredients included on our pantry capsule list. You may not want to have all of …

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The Capsule Pantry: Easy Weeknight Stir Fry + Other Globally Flavored Recipes

Looking for a perfect mid-week, “I don’t feel like cooking” meal? Well, you’re in luck!  This easy Stir Fry is a go-to in our household and seriously it’s SO simple! I’ve also put together three other recipes to make from our Capsule Pantry list. Their unique flavors may make you step out of your comfort box, but just a baby step. In addition to the Easy Stir Fry, there’s Coconut Curry, Spicy Protein and Mash, and a warm Kale Salad. They highlight flavors that you may or may not regularly eat in your kitchen, but …

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The Capsule Pantry: Shepherd’s Pie + Four Other Comfort Food Recipes

Hard day? Long week? Missing home? These recipes are for you, friend. They will fill your belly and warm your heart every single time. These are my comfiest meals that will have you going back for seconds and yet still often times leave enough leftover to cover lunch the next day.  If you’re just tuning in, be sure to go back and checkout the Capsule Pantry introduction and download the printable list. Here’s the cliffs notes version:  A thoughtful collection of ingredients to have on hand at all times from which you can make a …

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The Effortless Chic Capsule Pantry

A couple of months ago, I (Lauren) posted this Turmeric Chicken recipe and so many of you went crazy for it!  You sent emails, Instagram messages, and even texted pictures of how it turned out.  I was, of course, so happy, but was also sort of perplexed by the enthusiasm.  Though so yummy, I saw this recipe as a sort of unexciting. I decided to do a little survey over on my Instagram stories and the response was overwhelmingly that you want easy dinners and simple recipes that taste delicious.  Is that true for you blog readers over …

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