Three Easy Holiday Menus for Entertaining this Winter

Whether you’ve already sent out the invitations or are just dreaming of hosting your own soiree, keep reading for three easy holiday menus for any kind of gathering! One of the most enjoyable part of this busy holiday season, is the welcome excuse to gather with friends and family. Whether it’s a low-key afternoon cookie exchange, a family dinner or an adults-only couples party that you’re considering, don’t wait another day to invite people into your home and deepen those relationships. One of the biggest barriers to …

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Thanksgiving Pies You’ll Want To Make

From pumpkin to chocolate and pecan to blackberry, there’s a world of delicious Thanksgiving Pies out there! Read on for some of my favorite pies to make this holiday season, including gluten free and vegan pies. I’ll spare you the Pie-Day puns and just come right out and say Happy Friday, friends! Both the girls have next week off so we are headed into a nine day fall break and I’m so excited to break out the flour, butter and eggs and spend some slow time in the kitchen. I haven’t made a single loaf of pumpkin bread …

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The Best Pumpkin Recipes You’ll Want to Make

Cooler weather, colorful leaves and the year’s best holidays are just some of the reasons we love fall. We would be remiss, though, not to mention pumpkin in that list! Savory or sweet, the best pumpkin recipes always keep us coming back for more! Happy Friday! Aaron and I are actually doing a little staycation this weekend at Miraval– cue the relaxation vibes! When I booked the trip in August, I of course thought we might have some fall weather by October. Silly Texan, it’s still in the mid-nineties! Whether it’s …

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Weeknight Meals To Refresh Your Meal Plan

Are you stuck in a rut with your weeknight meals? I have just the thing for you! This crowdsourced list of weeknight meal ideas will give you some great inspiration to add flavor and variety into your weekly routine. From succulent stir fry to hearty baked pasta… it’s all delicious, all easy to make and all nutritious! I’m no stranger to a meal plan. Every Saturday afternoon like clockwork Aaron takes Ever upstairs to put her down for her nap and I settle in with my laptop and a homemade oat milk latte, ready to tackle the …

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