It’s Live! Our Very First Product Collaboration is Available Now!

Today is the day! I am so proud of this collection and so excited to tell you all about it! We have been working behind the scenes for the past eight months to bring you our very first product collection in collaboration with Artemis Design Co! There are two different styles—a kilim sandal and a kilim mule. Each pair is crafted out of one of two vintage kilim rugs and therefore completely unique! I spent hours upon hours over five months digitally sifting through vintage rugs before we settled on two color ways that had just the right color …

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All the Trunk Club Pieces I Tried on for Summer

(This post is sponsored by Trunk Club, a brand I have known about for a long time, but just finally tried out for myself and am now totally obsessed with. All thoughts and opinions are my own!) Have you ever looked in your closet and realized you own a dozen versions of the same thing? I actually had a roommate in college who would legitimately buy every color way of a piece that she liked. It didn’t matter how many hues it was made in, they all managed to find their way into her closet. As someone who spent years styling, has given …

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The Most Un-Millennial Thing I Have Done: I Joined a Gym

I’m not sure what the life cycle of your own fitness regimen has looked like across the years, but here’s a brief synopsis of mine: I played a lot of sports growing up. A lot. Thanks to a unique combination of ballet, track, cross-country and intense soccer playing I had very well-endowed calf muscles by the age of 14. Enter college. No coaches, no conditioning days, no problems. An intramural sport I did not join and the closest thing I came to working out was speed walking across campus to get to class on time. Over the next …

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One Piece, Two Ways || The Dad Floral Shirt

If your dad didn’t own a floral print shirt that he he wore on vacation, was he even a real dad? Truth be told, this print isn’t one I would normally gravitate towards, but the combination of post-spring break weather and the promise of summer vacation just around the corner had me feeling all but a little bit campy when my eye met its puffy sleeve and floral pattern. Rather than send me running, I scooped it up faster than you can say fanny pack. And you know what? Zero regrets. Just to prove to you how unregretful I am, I styled …

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