How to Wear a White Shirt: One Piece, Three Ways

A simple white shirt is a wardrobe staple and should be part of everyone’s capsule closet. Check out my favorite ways to wear a white shirt, whether it’s for work, the beach or just a busy weekday. My personality can often times feel at odds with itself. There’s the one side that is all ideation, creation, and delighting in fanciful things. On the other side is someone who is decidedly pragmatic, always in search of an optimal strategy. The way the two sides manifest themselves in my wardrobe, though, is actually ideal. The …

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All The Best Blazers for Fall I Tried On So You Don’t Have To

Single breasted or double breasted, sleeves down or sleeves pushed up, oversized or cropped, you can really make this piece your own. Keep reading for all of the best blazers for fall and which ones are my favorite… I spent this past weekend in Sonoma at The Huddle, a business retreat for female entrepreneurs. To say it was a life-changing experience sounds so grandiose and cliche, but it truly was just that. It was really meaningful in ways I didn’t even expect and I left feeling really clear on the things I need to work on …

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My Daily Uniform with Kathryn and Lizzie of Lizzie Fortunato

With the intent of creating unique accessories that use unexpected materials and champion handicrafts from a breadth of places and cultures, twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato created the accessories label, Lizzie Fortunato. In the 11 years since, they’ve amassed a cult following that includes prominent tastemakers and distinguished editors. Keep reading for the full interview and each of the sisters’ daily uniform… Instagram is good for a lot of things. For example, it’s good at reminding people exactly where …

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All The Best Boots For Fall I Tried On So You Don’t Have To

It was less than a hundred degrees yesterday which in Texas can only mean one thing: fall is right around the corner! Keep reading for all the best boots for fall I tried on so you don’t have to! In July, I instituted a spending freeze. It wasn’t so much that anything was out of control or that I felt like I was overspending, but I felt like I was buying thoughtlessly. I was spending more time contemplating what I was going to have for lunch than I was what I would put into my closet. Purchases were made after a thought process …

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