Cool Hunting || 75 of the Best Summer Sandals for Kids

How was your weekend, friends?  Each weekend seems to get better than the one before as Ever continues to grow and the weather continues to warm.  We try to spend as much time outside right now– soaking up the near perfect temps before the triple digit heat sets in.  (Which reminds me that I need to update the girls summer wardrobe stat before all of the shorts and swimsuits are picked over!)  As if shopping wasn’t already fun enough, buying mini sized things somehow happens to be even more thrilling. Who would have …

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My New Favorite Laundry Trick, Ever’s Half Birthday, and Other Notes!

Today is Ever’s half birthday, which might seem trivial compared to holidays like Christmas or the 4th of July, but gosh it feels monumental.  I can’t believe my tiny summer baby who came bursting so enthusiastically into our family last August is six months old today!  She’s the sweetest roly poly. Loves to nurse, hates the bottle. Sleeps through the night on rare occasion and has the sweetest open mouth smile that looks as if it might just engulf you!  There’s something about the perspective of having an almost …

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Parker’s Closet: How I Finally Organized It Once and For All

Somewhere in the process of permitting our plans here in Austin, we ran into an antiquated neighborhood zoning rule that mandated that your garage could not protrude closer to the street than the rest of the house.  In order to accommodate this and get the plans permitted the entire right side of the house was stretched and the person who came out the real winner in the whole thing was Parker Pinkston.  Her closet went from generous to begin with to downright luxurious, possibly the size of a small bedroom.  Amazing, right?  Kind of.  As …

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5 Things I’ve Learned about Motherhood from Ever

The second baby.  Everyone tells you that two kids is hard… and they’re right.  They also tell you that the second baby is easier… and they’re right about that, too. Is it the baby? Is it the experience gleaned from baby number one? I’m apt to think it’s a combination, but it’s definitely a sweet and trying season all it’s own.  I feel more confident as a mom.  I feel like I make more real time decisions without consulting google or texting friends– although I still do that from time …

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