Happy Weekend || Fave Links

It’s felt like a really heavy week with everything going on in the world, but particularly with what’s going on at the border in our own backyard.  I did discover something this week, though, that perhaps you have already known for a long time and it’s this: Doing something about a problem feels increasingly better than not doing something about a problem.  Even if it’s a small something.  On Wednesday, Parker and some of her buddies here in Austin hosted a bake sale to help raise money for RAICES, an organization …

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Spring Break 2018 || Our Trip To LA with Parker + Ever

No, you’re right, it wasn’t actually spring break. Like anyone’s spring break. Parker’s was the second week of March and Aaron’s was the fourth week of March, but somehow our schedules had us planning a spring break during the last week of April.  Aaron was going to be there for work over the weekend so we booked tickets to tag along and decided to call is spring break.  If you are just popping in for the first time and have skipped the last six years of this blog, here’s the cliff’s notes: We lived …

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Our Current Morning Routine as a Family of Four

(Thanks to Amazon Health and Culturelle® for sponsoring this post and letting us document our morning routine as a family of four!  Culturelle® is a trademark of DSM.) These are the days. Sometimes they feel long and hard and I find myself counting down the hours until bedtime and realize there are almost too many left to fit on one hand.  But amidst the diaper blowouts, the short naps, the dinner refusals and the bedtime shenanigans I know these are the days we are going to miss the most all too soon.  The days of chubby thigh rolls and …

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Three Things We Are Doing To Keep Ever Healthy

(This post was sponsored by Amazon and Culturelle®.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.) Having a second child is like experiencing new motherhood all over again.  Naturally, you feel like you’re going into it as pro.  Those second babies, though, with their own personalities and characteristics, still manage to keep you on your toes!  One of the things I really worried about for Ever was that she was going to get sick much younger and more frequently than Parker had since she has a big sister who is in preschool.   While …

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