A Good Morning. No, A Great Morning.

(A Note from the Editor: I jotted this down in wordpress on May 4th and recently found it in my drafts by accident, looking for something else. I was working on another post that morning but just remember these words in my head so I paused what I was doing, created a new post, spilled my thoughts on to the digital page, and then hit save with no intention of publishing, but alas here we are… published. Photos were more recently captured.) I awake to the sounds of a whimpering baby, a common occurrence around here.  But after my own …

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The End of #BestSummerEver + Fave Links

I’m trying hard to remember the inception of #BestSummerEver, but drawing a blank.  Some time around Memorial Day, though, I just started thinking of this summer that way.  We actually hadn’t booked a single vacation at this point and weren’t making extravagant plans.  It had been a long nine months, though, since last summer. We added Ever to our family, moved into our new house, Aaron traveled like crazy and so the hashtag was likely an overflow of my enthusiasm for a season with a slower pace and less hectic …

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Summer Adventures in Our Own Backyard

The beginning of summer went off like a short distance runner out of the blocks. Summer bucket list items were getting checked off faster than you could scream #bestsummerever and we had the tan lines to prove it. A few weeks into June and just a few visits away from being Deep Eddy’s (our fave Austin pool) most valued customer, I wisely realized that summer is a marathon, not a sprint, and that we could have some pretty fantastic fun in our own backyard. If you know me, you know that simple entertaining with friends is one of my favorite …

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Dinnertime and Meal Planning as a Family of Four

(This post is sponsored by OXO, a brand we love and use in every single room of our home!) In high school, I ran track and field.  My favorite race was the 1600m– four laps around a track, a mile, in case you’re not well versed in metric.  As a competitor, you spent the beginning of the race setting your pace and the first two laps were relatively easy—don’t burn out, don’t lose pace with the pack.  In many ways the third lap, though, really decided whether or not you would have a shot. The last lap?  Well, that’s where …

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