Meet La Paloma, Reimagining Children’s Sleep and Loungewear

It wasn’t that long ago– 11 months to be exact!– that I found myself yanking a nightgown over Ever’s almost two-year-old head and wondering why better sleep and loungewear options didn’t exist in the children’s space. I immediately went downstairs and starting putting some thoughts into a document. Two weeks later I booked a flight to New York to attend a fabric show. And yesterday, we launched! So without further ado, meet La Paloma. La Paloma is a collection of artful and modern children’s …

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8 Moms Across the Country on What Homeschool Looks Like in the Age of Covid-19:

Tomorrow marks six weeks since Parker and Ever last attended Kindergarten and Preschool. How is that possible?! There have been high highs and low lows in our adventures in homeschooling, but something that always seems to bring a sense of peace is talking to other parents about how homeschool is going in their home. I inevitably leave those conversations knowing that so many of the challenges happening at our dining room table each day are also occurring in makeshift school rooms in residences across the country. There have also been so many …

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8 Tips for Creating a Schedule that Works for You

Six months ago,  who could have predicted we would all be homeschool moms? Nobody. And yet, here we are. I won’t lie. There was a certain excitement to the idea of getting to have the kids home with me every day and getting to participate in teaching Parker in a way that I have often wanted to, but never made the time to do. I was quick to make a schedule and eager to get started with our new routine. That schedule lasted a day! Now that we are a week into version 3, I feel like we’re all starting to find our new rhythm and it is …

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The Micro Mantra Morning Routine that Makes All the Difference in My Day

Is it just me or are morning routines having a real moment? No matter what kind of routine you’re looking for, there’s a book, journal, podcast, and blog post for that. A couple of months ago I added a two minute ritual to my morning that has really had a lot of positive effects and it’s this: I pick a word for every day now in the morning and think about that word and what it means to me before I start my day. I truly believe that life balance is about choosing what’s a priority in that moment and being present for …

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