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I have to confess, that I am just now coming out of my sun-induced, barbecue-laden 4th of July fog.  We had a pretty crazy wonderful weekend out at the lake house with my family, water skiing, swimming off the dock, drinking wine and eating meats coming off of the smoker like it was our job.  Now that we’re back, I’m desperate for a kale salad, some overnight oats, some general healthy living.  What are you eating these days?  Back in LA a few weeks ago, I swung by my friend Kara’s kitchen and in true Kara fashion she had just casually whipped up these lox toasts for breakfast.  I’ve always been weary of smoked salmon for breakfast, but it was so delicious!  Plus, lots of healthy fats and protein to start the day right.  Keep reading for the full recipe, but first, how was your 4th of July?


Smoked Salmon Lox Toasts


-A few slices of your favorite bread (rye works great with these toasts, but this recipe is my personal fave)
-2 tbsp cream cheese
-6 oz smoked salmon
-1 tomato, sliced
-2 radishes, sliced thinly
-2 tbsp capers
-A few thin slices of red onion
-A few thin slices yellow squash
-I also used sliced basil and pomegranate seeds as garnish; feel free to add, omit, or create your own!


Toast your bread. Spread with a thin layer of cream cheese. Top with slices of smoked salmon, then arrange the rest of your toppings all over your toasts! Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and a bit of salt!


Recipe and Photos by Kara Elise

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  1. Absolutely wonderful 4th of july and Jen there is nothing like replenishing the body after a weekend of feasting lol…great breakfast recipe xx

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