Boxy Tops vs Fitted Tops

There are Miracle Whip people and mayonnaise people, those who use their blinkers with ample time to spare and those who don’t use them at all, white wine drinkers and red wine drinkers, thise that call it a button up and those that call it a button down, and then there are those who prefer fitted tops and those that prefer their tops with plenty of wiggle room, boxy tops if you will.  I learned while styling that nothing could sabotage a fitting faster than shopping more boxy, drapey, avant garde shapes for a woman who liked her clothes to be fitted at all times. (Somehow the reverse isn’t quite as true.  People who are comfortable in boxy tops, more times than not, are also open to fitted tops.)  As it so often does, it usually comes down to what is most flattering and body shape.  Fitted tops tend to be a better choice than boxy tops on women with larger breasts, as it defines their waist and doesn’t just shoot straight out in a boxy shape.  However, I’ve seen plenty of size D’s pull off the look by pairing a boxy top with something super skinny on the bottom like cropped cigarette pants or a fitted pencil skirt.  You want to make sure to have that juxtaposition if you’re going boxy on top.  Inversely, if you’re rocking a pair of wide leg cropped jeans, something more fitted on top is likely more flattering.  Ultimately it comes down to what you’re most comfortable in.  What are you most comfortable in?  I rarely choose anything that’s skin tight on top, but do like a little bit of a tuck or a crop to define my waist a bit.  (Although I’m super into the sweater look above and the mustard shade look below, so who knows? Might be part of my new fall look!)

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Fitted Tops:

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  1. Caleigh


    My heart says fitTed But my body fat Percentage says boxy. Ha! I personally lOve high waIsted pants because i have a high BWH (boob waist Hip) ratio and i love weAring Fitted sweaters with them!

  2. I love both styles!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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