Bon Voyage with Hayneedle

Bon Voyage with Hayneedle

Aaron and I are just a few days into our adventures in China and already enamored with this beautiful country.  We spent today hiking The Great Wall and it is definitely one of my top ten experiences of all time.  (Picture here!)  When Hayneedle asked if I would be interested in picking my favorite travel pieces for the next post in our series, I could not have said yes faster! I have made some doozies of packing mistakes over the years and like to think that I have packing down to a little bit of a science at this point.  For all of my travel tips, be sure to hop on over to Hayneedle’s blog and check out the full post.

Bon Voyage with Hanyeedle SuitcasesThese hard-shell Samsonite suitcases made the trip to China with us and I can’t even tell you how many times Aaron has turned to me and said, “These suitcases are so awesome!”.   As for the big, gauzy scarf, I have started packing one with me on all trips.  It might just be the most versatile piece ever!  You can wrap it around your shoulders if you’re cold, let it hang straight on either side of a solid dress, bundle it up and use it as a pillow or lay it out flat in the grass for an impromptu picnic.

Bon Voyage with Hayneedle Open

One thing I am obsessive about is separation.  I love zippered bags of different sizes and shapes and always pack a handful of plastic Ziplocs, too.  It sounds random but they always come in handy for something! What are your travel tips you’ve learned over the years?  If you would like, you can follow along on my current travel adventure in China right here!

Bon Voyage with Hayneedle Final

Photos by Nichole Gibbons

  1. Fabulous shots! <3 What an amazing trip!

  2. gorgeous suitcases! i have to travel soon and i am drooling over these
    kw ladies in navy

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